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NEW: Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics (MDC)

Learn more about this degree: BS-DA Program Overview and Requirements

In order to transfer to the BS-DA program, complete your AA degree by taking the following courses: BS-DA Advising Sheet

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology (MDC)

Learn more about this degree: BS-IST Program Overview and Requirements

In order to transfer to the BS-IST program, complete your AA degree by taking the following courses: BS-IST Advising Sheet

NOTE: There are various AS to BS degree pathways. Please speak with a Technology Dept. advisor for more information

AA Degree - Student Steps:

  1. See an advisor in the Technology Department to discuss the various technology careers, degrees, and courses
  2. Consider which school, including MDC, you would like to transfer to in order to obtain your Bachelor's degree
  3. Find a "major" in that school
  4. At MDC, choose the appropriate general education courses and electives based on the requirements found in your chosen major/school
  5. Just before completing your AA degree, apply to the university. Pay special attention to their deadlines!


Typical Bachelor's Degrees in Technology:

Although degree/major names can vary from one university to another, these are the generally three that are available:

  • Computer Science - Heavy emphasis on mathematics (Calculus), science (Physics with Calculus), and programming. Most of your computer courses will be in the field of programming. Typical student will become a software engineer or continue onto Master's or PhD programs.
  • Information Technology - A variety of technology fields are explored, such as networking, databases, and programming. Less emphasis on mathematics. Students can enter a variety of technology fields after graduating.
  • Management Information Systems - A mix of business (accounting, management, etc.) and technology courses. Some students continue to a Master's degree in this field, with the goal of becoming managers in I.T. departments.

At MDC, the AA that is a pathway to "Computer Information Systems" should typically be chosen if you want a Bachelor's degree in any technology field other than Computer Science.


Transferring to FIU: Links and Advice


MDC Advising sheets for FIU:

Advice for Information Technology:

  • Intro class: Take CGS1060 as early as possible
  • Programming: Take COP1334 (C++) first, then COP2800 (Java) right after. These two courses satisfy FIU's programming prerequisite
  • Math: Take MAC1105 (College Algebra) first, then MAC1140 (Pre-Calc). You can take MAD2104 after completing MAC1105.
  • Behavioral Science: Make sure that you take PSY2012 in this particular category of your degree audit.
    NOTE: FIU advisors have indicated that the other psychology class (CLP1006) may be accepted. However, only PSY2012 is shown on their site, so it is the safer choice.
  • Additional Electives: If you still need more electives to reach the 24 required by MDC, speak with your MDC advisor.

Advice for Computer Science:

  • Programming: Take COP1334 (C++) first, then COP2800 (Java) right after. This will satisfy FIU's programming prerequisite.
  • Math: MAC2311 (Calculus) is needed before you can start the Physics courses. Take it as early as possible to avoid delays in completing the Physics requirements.
  • Science: Take PHY2048 & Lab (Physics with Calculus) after completing MAC2311. Then take PHY2049 & Lab (Physics with Calculus II).
  • Additional Sciences: Besides Physics, two additional science courses are required for this degree at FIU. Choose ONLY from the following list: BSC2010, BSC2011, CHM1045, CHM1046, GLY1010