Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Program Overview

Data Analytics is an emerging 21st century technology related to the explosion of “Big Data.” BS-DA addresses the growing demand for skilled professionals to identify, analyze, interpret and present the volumes of data that are available to organizations in the Information Age. Through the cross-disciplinary curriculum, you will learn to discover patterns and the relationships in large data sets, resolve business questions and make data-driven decisions, and effectively communicate informed tactical and strategic business objectives. The need for data analysts to prepare and analyze large data sets exists across all modern industries. McKinsey Global Institute has estimated a gap of 140,000–190,000 skilled professionals to fill the demand for deep analytical talent that will be required by 2018. A major impediment to the widespread use of big data is the lack of workers with the appropriate training and skills. Employment opportunities for data analysts are abundant in both public and private sectors, including healthcare, business, finance, manufacturing, energy, education, government and science. Job titles include data analyst, database architect, data warehousing specialist, business intelligence analyst, and data scientist.

Admissions Requirements

  1. AS, AA, Bachelor’s degree or 60 credits from a regionally accredited school
  2. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  3. Completed the following prerequisite coursework:

Note: you may be required to retake technical courses if they were taken more than 4 years ago and were not part of a completed degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the BS-DA program, students will be able to:

Upper Division Coursework