A group of club members standing in front of a board

About MDC Clubs

The two most common questions we receive from potential members are: (1) What does the club do? (2) What are the benefits of joining? Although we will do our best to answer these two questions here, please keep in mind that club activities can vary from year to year. You see, this is a student-run club. It is the club’s officers and members that set the direction for the club at the beginning of the year. It is they who coordinate activities, hold meetings, and schedule events. Although the faculty club advisors provide guidance, it is the students that run the club.

Typical Club Activities

  • Workshops: Computer Assembly, Web Development, Graphics, Networking, Security, Analytics, and many other topics
  • Competitions: Compete against other colleges in programming, eSports, and more
  • Casual Gaming: PC and console games available at a designated classroom to Club members
  • Gaming tournaments: Compete against the community in large gaming tournaments featuring a variety of games and prize categories
  • Guest speakers: Professors, universities, entrepreneurs, and more

Benefits of Joining

  • Meet others who share an interest in technology
  • All club events, workshops, and gaming activities are free to members
  • Access to the club’s Hangout Room
  • Eligible to win member-only prizes at the end of the semester
  • Resume booster: Being an active club member/officer can boost a resume and university application
  • Networking: The people you meet are excellent sources of knowledge and these contacts could benefit your career in the future

Requirements to Join

  • Per MDC, students must be registered for at least six credits at the Kendall campus to join a club.
  • Our club has membership dues, typically $5. This fee covers club expenses such as advertising, web hosting, equipment, food, and anything else the members would like to see their money go towards.

Apply for Membership


Club t-shirts are available to active members. Speak with a club officer to see if you qualify. Shirts must be ordered in batches of 12, so please email us once you qualify for a t-shirt (include your shirt size). We will place the order once we receive requests from 12 members.

Club Policies

The Computer Club aims to maintain a positive environment that is welcoming to all members and that adheres to MDC policies. The following is a copy of some common-sense rules for our hangout room and Discord server: Computer Club Policies.