A group of students around donated old computers

E-Waste Goal

As part of our mission, the MDC Computer Club collects both broken and working computers and electronics for recycling and donation. We collect from members, students, and MDC employees during our Hangout Room hours. Our goal each semester is to collect at least 100 items and to spend at least 20 hours in the collection, recycling, refurbishing, and/or donation process.

What Do You Collect?

Items accepted include computers, monitors, printers, TVs, and any other item that has electrical components (i.e. a circuit board).

Recycle or Donate to Charity?

If a donated item is broken, with no hope of repair, we store it in a specially-marked bin which will then be dropped off at the nearest recycling facility from the county. However, if a computer is in working / salvageable condition, we will wipe its contents and reinstall an appropriate operating system to get it working again. If it runs smoothly, we will donate to a local charity.